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Yuksel Akinay is a Research Assistant at Materials Research and Development Center of Karabük University, Turkey. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Metallurgical and Material Engineering Department, University of Y?ld?z Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, in 2010. He has a PhD degree. His research interests include polymer composite materials, nanocomposite, electromagnetic wave absorbing and micro-structure characterization.


Microwave absorption properties of epoxy matrix with magnetite fillers were investigated in this work. The composite were prepared via ultrasonic probe sonicator method in solution. The complex permittivity and permeability for epoxy matrix magnetite fillers radar absorbing composites were measured at different microwave frequencies via vector network analyzer. The obtained results describe the frequency dependence of permittivity and permeability with various powder percentage and composite thickness. The reflection loss (RL) of composites was calculated and evaluated from complex permittivity and permeability. The obtained results show that both composites exhibit the large RL and broadband within the frequency range from 1 to 14 GHz for different thickness. The results show that absorption has increased as the fillers rate increase and thickness is decreased. This can be understood based on quarter-wave principle within the frequency range from 1 GHz-14 GHz for different thickness.

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