Nanorobotics is an emerging technology field producing machines or robots which components are at or closer to the scale of a nanometre. More specially, nanorobotics refers to the nanotechnology engineering discipline of designing and constructing nanorobots, with devices ranging in size from 0.1–10 micrometres and made of nanoscale or molecular components. The terms nanobot, nanite , nanoid, nanomachine or nanomite have moreover been used to define such devices currently under research and development.

  • Nanobots or Nanoids
  • Nanite
  • Nanomite
  • Bio-chip
  • Nanoswimmers
  • Nano-Engine
  • Nanorockets
  • Bio-inspired Nanomachines
  • Nano Sensors and Surveillance System
  • Medical Robots
  • Nano Manipulation Modelling

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